Friday, April 07, 2006

Re-occurring Things

1. I often dream my teeth are falling out. I will feel the exact sensation I did when I wiggled them loose as a child. I will sometimes dream that I am not dreaming and that all my previous dreams are finally coming true and my teeth are in a pile in my hand.

2. I teach a (fake) ESL class at the YMCA residence and I keep panicking while planning what I will teach because I don't know any of the related words, it's then I realize I am trying to think of the words in French.

My friend Adam is now teaching the course with me, we are so unqualified, I'm sure we're running the best fake English class in town! To join the class you simply have to seek asylum in Canada, then live with 300 other people while you wait for temporary social assistance to kick in. If you like playing non-musical chairs you are in for a major treat.


Blogger Brendan said...

hi kathleen!
don't worry for me.. I'm actually having a pretty good time right now - incl. studying!
The internet is just my place to be moody....
I will talk to you soon. I have an exam on the 15th, but we can talk after that

12:39 PM  
Blogger allie said...

i dream that my teeth crumble in my mouth and fall into my hand all the time! not lately, but so many times.

12:16 AM  
Blogger -m said...

that was mira, not allie.

12:16 AM  

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