Thursday, March 30, 2006

vote me for vp of going places

Vote Noah Stewart-Ornstein for VP Loyola, not because I am concerned or knowledgable about Concordia politics but because I have owed him diner for over a year, and I still have his dad's mini-disc player... oh and because people who like vegan mush should be able to get it for free at the campus of their choice. Journalism, Communications, and Theatre Students need that slop more than anyone. (Except me, I`m a picky eater).

I`m going to have to pack and move that mini-disk player because I am moving to hipsterville on Friday. All this typing on the internet sure is helping me pack.

I've had this blog for one year, in which time almost nothing has happened. I recommend reading this instead especially if you want to know about school-spirit keg party type people and don`t want to read that I Am Charlotte Simmons book written by a 60 year old man. I never did want to read that but I'm betting this girl writes better than that guy anyways, (plus I'm willing to guess that he makes his main character girl all slutty and sad about it, doesn't he?).

Sunday, March 26, 2006

the land of waking up

Yesterday morning I paid for the internet to wake-me up. I used to make someone call me long distance to do it. You see, in my sleep I can not only hit snooze ... I can turn the alarm off, and I have unplugged it. This wake up call is sad, but not as sad as when the girl who sat next to me in highschool science offered to call my house to remind me to go to bed at night. I didn't even know her.

I work at 8 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday. I will never party on the weekend again. This lack of weekend drinking/outing is barely a noticable change, but I do wish I could be less shy and/or venture out alone on other days of the week to places that will not be really crowded and/or filled with friends. If I could do that I'd have gone to see the Magik Markers tonight, but I couldn't so I took a nap. The bassist from that band was in my class and I was curious ...

I think its from a link on their now missing website that I found this site which I read often for inexplicable reasons. I mean if I wrote about what I ate for lunch I could not possily make anyone care but this guy does. I also read this woman's site often, she is a really hip Mormon mother from New York. So you can see how I can relate.... being an unhip lapsed Catholic who couldn't even co-care for a cat and all.

update: I did not get a cat and then get rid of it. I am not an asshole or an idiot. I tried to care for the cat after my roommate abandoned it (to join the military), but it had no shots, had not been nutered, and started spraying everywhere. The vet wouldn't take care of it saying it was sick, her parents think it made their dog die, and when I told her all this she came home one weekend while I was at work and "got rid of the stinking animal". Then she said she was too emotionally distressed to have gotten rid of his stinking litter. Poor Indy!

Indy by the way, was named after India, which she wants to one day name her child. She is francophone and does not know that Indie music exists but I still felt such a loser to say his name.