Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Land God Gave to Cain

I was not meant to be in school, I'm totally fighting my destiny. Here is a quote that has nothing to do with the unresearchable paper I'm supposed to be writing:

“Religious and ethnic traditions may have divided the settlers of Canada, but there was one point on which there was universal agreement among them. The landscape and climate of the country they had chosen to call home was at best inhospitable and at worst life-threatening. 'The land God gave to Cain,' was the way Jacques Cartier described it when he landed on the north shore of the St.Lawrence in 1534.” Elder, Image and Identity

Saturday, February 25, 2006


My elderly aunt used to subscribe to a magazine called Reminiscence (or something similar), it was geared towards seniors and contained old photos of children, and articles and poems about the good old days. I wondered if a magazine about how much better life used to be wasn't a cruel product to sell to the still-living but I'm totally going to be buying that magazine when its filled with stories about sneaking out to concerts, archived MSN conversations and photos of disgusting poster covered bedrooms. Although if it hasn't gone under yet it'll probably still be filled with pictures of cute children and people waxing nostaligic about how angelic everyone used to be, because old people have bad/selective memories.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Anger is the way.

Not being alive in the 70s, I missed out on a lot, like polyester clothing and 70s pop psychology. I've seen Annie Hall but I didn't even know books like How to Be Awake and Alive existed. Now that my parents are throwing away their unwanted literature I own a copy of this book (don't give up on being awake and alive guys, Kevin will move out oneday... and you'll find a new hobby to replace slaving after him). I will share the only exerpt I've read because I have three hours to kill. Its research for a comic I'm collaborating on.

from "Chapter 5 / I'm angry unto death"

"Very early in my practise, I was treating a woman who was very depressed. One day she came in and told me she was thinking of killing herself. As I listened to her, I found myself admiring her blouse and wondering who had ironed it so perfectly. I scolded myself for doing this -- 'How can you be so callous? This poor woman is talking about killing herself and you're wondering who ironed her blouse.'

At that moment my patient said, 'I did all my ironing yesterday.'

The experience was very frightening to me. But as I thought about it that evening, I realized what had gone through my mind: 'She is dressed perfectly. Her blouse is ironed exquisitely. How can she be getting ready to kill herself?'

The experience helped me to trust my own perceptions.

Okay. The woman with the pressed blouse wasn't really suicidal, and "The Little Match Girl" was putting on an act, and getting herself caught up in it. Then what was depression?"

Lets see, the authors go on to say the cure for depression is anger and tell a pretty story about getting a new patients old therapist to come in and demand help from her in dealing with his dreams in order to enrage her and cure her of her depression.

You can purchase a copy for 1 cent off amazon or if you like I'll send it to you. If you're actually depressed I don't think this is going to help.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some DVD Psychology

My new and temporary roommate brought some DVDs from her parents home and left them in a pile on the table incase I want to watch:

Défi Bleu (Blue Crush)
8 Mile
Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
Une Promenade Inoubliable
Les Désastreuses Adventures des Orphelins Baudelaire (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Extreme OPS
Mary Poppins
In Time
Harry Potter The Prisonnier D`Azkaban
The Butterfly Effect
Star Wars
À La Croisée des chemins (Crossroads)

She`s nice and last weekend we did a chocolate fondue.

Brendan please do tell me what you said in your class. I`ll tell you how drunk I got yesterday and how great my hangover talk with our father was and how terrible my breakfast. Actually thats it. Oh but I managed to deflect by explaining that you are a more likely alcoholic since you drink less.