Wednesday, October 05, 2005

napping, singing, taking a course overload...

I don't have the internet at home these days. It has not made me more productive, only a more creative procrastinator, if you consider napping creative. Right now, I am in the library at school doing everything but my geography essay. It might be cruel of me, but I hope at least some of the other people in here have no personal life, like me. I'm worried that for lack of purpose I'm going to become a corporate whore. Its possible, I think I could be great at PR.

I have joined a choir class at Dawson, we are going to have a 'December Season' concert. I'm not going to invite my friends, they are too judgemental. They are not actually judgemental at all but I am. Does anyone know a good Christmas song that is easy to sing? Maybe I'll invite everyone I know. My Dad would come if he lived closer. Oh and my Aunt Noreen! They'd probably love me more too.

I've been smashing plates to make a mosaic. Its going to be of the Desperate Housewives. Smashing plates is hard work though, they never break nicely. I can't find a red one to make the red-haired one's hair. Also, I have broken like three plates in a month. At this rate I will finish in time for when the show goes of the air. It could be mournful or celebratory. I don't know, I don't actually watch this show. I am in love with the concept though.