Monday, July 04, 2005

Bad Jokes About Blow Jobs

Friday I locked myself out of my appartment on the way to work. My keys and bus pass were inside, so I paid for the metro and got to work only slighly late and slightly stressed. Maybe there was a lot of unconscious stress because on the way home to meet the locksmith I took the metro the wrong direction, and then I took a taxi....

Oh well it worked out okay. I pulled myself together (with a drink) and went to see Telefauna play at the Casa. They are really getting good. I love their new song.

Saturday I went for a walk along the Lachine canal and then I went to a party at my friend Lie's house (said LEEEAAAY). I wish her name was lie said lie, I'd be friends with her for just that reason. Nevermind the fact that she has lots of acrylic nail paint from Japan in hot green and pink and yellow. I made a disguisting mess all over my finger nails. Shit I should've taken a picture before it starting cracking off. Apparently 10 coats is too many, but I didn't want to talk to her friends who spoke English. ... Her Japanese friends though were awesome. I recognized one of them from my language school. But no the Anglo people were 'shooting the shit' with terribly cliched philosiphizing and then bad jokes about blow jobs.

I left early and rescued one exchange student by stealing her away.

Today I went to the market and bought cherries and Gorganzolo cheese and not much else. Then I went to Village des Valleurs and bought a size 24 dress. I might grow into it one day, or I might re-sew it to a 4. Lets see which comes first.